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Novel genechip technology for simplified detection of molecularly heterogeneous genetic diseases: detection of cystic fibrosis as a model


The objective is to develop and demonstrate a new gene array technology platform for high-throughput diagnosis of CF and CF-related diseases as a model for other genetic diseases. An integrated magnetic sensor-based gene array will be developed comprising novel giant magneto resistance or tunnel magneto resistance sensors for direct magnetic detection of hybridisation of target DNA-tagged magnetic beads. New CF diagnostic assays will be developed based on oligonucleotide or based-based magnetic sensor array detection of qualitative or quantitative changes in RNA products resulting from either mutations in the CFTR gene (splice site mutations) or possible atypical RNA expression patterns from other genes caused by the presence of an abnormal CFTR gene. Screens for known mutations in the CFTR gene caused by Snips in genomic DNA samples from blood using a novel primer-extension based micro array method will also be developed

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National Microelectronics Research Center
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