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Allergen-derived DNA vaccines: mechanisms involved in mouse and human models


Aim of the project is to exploit the experience (of a previous EC-funded study) to investigate mechanisms of immunological modifications induced by allergen- (of Mite and Parietaria pollens) encoding DNA vaccines. Their effects will be directly investigated on APCs and on the effector cells responsible for allergic inflammatory response (namely Th2 and B cells, eosinophils and mastcells). This part of the study will be the prerequisite to design and evaluate novel DNA vaccine formulations (and approaches of pDNA delivery) in terms of their effectiveness to inhibit allergic Th2-mediated responses. These systems will be tested and calibrated in novel animal (mouse) and human (in vitro transfected cells) models. Quick and simple assay systems useful to monitor the efficacy of novel pDNA vaccines and their potential side-effects will be validated in view of a possible application to human allergic disorders.

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