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Environmental agent susceptibility assessment utilising existing and novel biomarkers as rapid non-invasive testing methods


ASYRING will improve information regarding the environmental levels of pollutants, their biological effects as measured with innovative tools to aquatic species and for mammalian risk assessment. It aims to develop and validate novel non-invasive methods for the detection of known and new biomarkers of endocrine disrupters. (Ends) directly in the mucus of aquatic species. Short/long term and low dose exposures to endocrine disrupting chemicals will be investigated both in aquatic species and mammals. In parallel, integrated testing in vitro protocols will permit a wider understanding and evaluation of effects and new instrumental analytical techniques will be developed and validated for easier and more complete detection of chemicals in water and biota. Quantitative structure-activity relationships (Tsars) for the prediction of chemicals able to elicit endocrine disruption and quantitative activity-activity relationships (Quarts) to extrapolate the response of different experimental models will be compared with test data developed in this project. The final aim will be to extend mathematical models to human toxicity.

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