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Wine fermentation in-process quality monitoring system


There are an estimated 750000 small wine producers within the EU but year on year imports of wines from other areas of the world continue to increase. The reason for this is the low quality of many of the regional wines produced within the EU. WIPS project aims to develop integrated low cost engineering methods to be applied to the wine making process in order to improve product quality. There are 2 major deliverables. The first of these is the design of a scale wine fermentation plant with a complete suite of software and hardware tools for carrying out experiments of identification and control of the wine fermentation process. The final deliverable will be the design and production of a low-cost control system for specific use by SME wine making companies. The proposes believe that such a low-cost device would enable small producers without their own laboratory facilities to compete with major producers, especially in the New World.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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