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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Environmentally friendly processing of sheeps' wool for higher added value products in the construction industry


The use of renewable resources becomes more and more important; new biomaterials for non-food uses offer diversified opportunities for farmers in whole Europe. One of these biomaterials is sheeps wool existing in the most EU countries in low and high qualities. The share of high-quality wool used for textiles is less than 60% only. That means about 40% is inferior wool with low quality which is not processed or thrown away. PROWOOL will close this gap and create new technical solutions and regional concepts for farmers in Europe to enable them to produce industrial higher added value wool products.

PROWOOL is targeted on two objectives:
-To develop and implement a totally new modular concept for processing of inferior wool in small units applicable for sheep farmers; the new process will save water and energy.
- To develop and implement environmentally friendly insulation material from wool in new shapes (hanks) with lower prices to achieve a better competitiveness.


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