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Early development of ovarian follicles - determination of the timing of menopause


BACKGROUND: Menopause is a milestone in the ageing process in women, and the cessation of secretion of ovarian estrogens after menopause has a major impact on healthy ageing of women and their quality of life. One of the main determinants of the timing of menopause is the efficiency of the use of the primordial follicle stock. AIM: the determination of the role of anti-mullein hormone (AMH), growth and differentiation factor-9 and -9B (GDF9, GDF9B) in primordial follicle loss. OBJECTIVES and EXPECTED RESULTS:
(1) the development of large-scale production of AMH and GDF919B and of specific and sensitive assays to determine AMH and GDF9/9B in biological samples;
(2) the investigation of the role of AMH and GDF9/9B in early follicular development in women and in mice;
(3) the identification of regulated target genes of AMH and GDF9/9B in developing follicles.

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