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Snp mapping resources for the functional genomics of drosophila (FLYSNP)


Deciphering the human genome relies on functional genomic studies performed in model organisms such as Drosophilae. Despite the recent completion of the Drosophilae genome sequence, the task of assigning a function (defined by a mutant phenotype) to a given gene is still both time-consuming and error-prone. The availability of a high-resolution map of single nucleotide polymorphisms (Snips) in the Drosophilae genome will allow researchers to map mutations rapidly and accurately. The FLYSNP project will construct a genome-wide map of 2400 Snips, at an average density of 1 SNP per 50 kb. FLYSNP will determine SNP genotypes on a number of commonly used and newly generated strains, so that the SNP information can immediately be used for genetic mapping purposes. FLYSNP will also establish standard set of inexpensive, high throughput SNP genotyping protocols, and offer services to assist users in the implementation of these methods.

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