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The project aims to provide a facsimile library service for petrochemical and related industries throughout Europe.
Research was carried out in order to pilot the implementation of a facsimile library service for petrochemical (and related) industries throughout Europe.

The application was designed under both DOS (Windows 3) and UNIX operating systems, to allow maximum flexibility to future users, and takes an open approach likely to be interfaced with any querying procedure. The French based server was interfaced with consultation workstations in France, the United Kingdom and Germany. In parallel to the implementation of the network there was a full and detailed monitoring of the customer usage database and an overall evaluation of user requirements.

It is foreseen that the research will lead to an effective commercial library service accessible, initially via narrowband integrated services digital network (ISDN), from all over Europe.
Technical Approach

The architecture is based upon an X25/ISDN interworking of the querying/recall procedures so as to optimise the cost effectiveness of the service. GEOTEL is an open approach likely to be interfaced with any querying procedure, eg on-line databases, interpreters, retrieval softwares. The application has been designed under both DOS and UNIX operating systems so as to provide the widest flexibility to the future users. In the DOS environment, the Windows 3 graphical environment ensures that the querying procedure and the image recall system interwork tightly, the communication between the two softwares being established by the de facto standardised DDE messaging channel. The connection to the server is established via ISDN from England, Germany and France.

Related tools and facilities have been developed in the framework of GEOTEL. They comprise the following facilities:

. a primary documents electronic mail system; likely to be interfaced with a current Email service
. converters of office files to the normalised G IV format such as to include in the GEOTEL database any technical document likely to suit the demand of the users, whatever its generating process.

Key Issues
. Flexible image recall platform.
. X25/ISDN interworking.

. Database market study and design of a proper technical library for the oil and petrochemical industry.
. Facsimile consultation of French standards (AFNOR) and European patents relevant to the oil and petrochemical industry.
. Interface with current on-line bibliographic databases (QUESTEL ...) and display of the selected documents after a suitable research.
. Implementation and monitoring of a customer database and overall evaluation of the users' requirements.
. Integration within a generalised telematic service under UNIX capable of accessing different on-line databanks and recalling the corresponding documents.
. CAD/CAM and word processor integration within the documents multimedia delivery service.
. Implementation of a retrieval software under Windowing environment with special care given to the human interface.
. Implementation and connection of two servers/scanning stations with optical disk storage (London, Paris) and consultation stations.
. Production of ten publications.

Expected Impact
This project should lead to a commercial library service, accessible from all over Europe, in specific professional/industrial areas such as petrochemicals and manufacturing industry.


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