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Integrated Communications Management


The main objectives of the project are:

- To show that the integration of AIP technologies for TMN is possible.
- To validate selected TMN functional implementations.
- To establish an environment (testbed) which enables the validation of other TMN functional implementations and integration of additional AIP technologies.
The main objectives of the research were:
to develop a testbed laboratory where the integration of advanced information processing (AIP) technologies for telecommunications management network (TMN) systems could be tested for performance;
to define and develop TMN platforms;
to specify a representative set of management applications to be incorporated into the test laboratory; to define, design and develop the interface between the TMN and real networks;
to provide a suitable network simulator which will complement the functionality of the real networks;
to provide support for telecom services in order to show the interaction of management applications within the TMN;
to provide a structure for consensus building with respect to TMN architecture.

The key issue of the research is the conceptual and physical integration of management applications for TMN on the integrated broadband communications (IBC) network.

A firm basis has been achieved with the definition of an architecture, identification of TMN functions, and the specification of the case studies to be used to exercise the integrated communications management (ICM) system. Initial definition of platforms, simulators, network test beds and management applications have been completed.
Technical Approach

R2059 provides practical validation of some of the results of RACE I and RACE II projects by implementing selected IBC performance, configuration and maintenance management services. The implementation results in a TMN Testbed which comprises four elements : an advanced TMN Platform; Management Applications; Network Interfaces; and an ATM Simulator. The Testbed is deployed in real network environments where the TMN system is applied to management of FDDI, ATM, and PON technologies.

The testbed is developed incrementally in four phases, each with their own objectives. TMN architectures, case studies and functions are specified for each phase. Following the development process, implementation is validated through execution of relevant case study scenarios and evaluation of the results.

Application areas addressed by the project are performance, configuration and maintenance management within heterogeneous network environments, (ATM and PON). End to end management, with inter TMN co-operation, are studied within an overall VPN case study during the project's final year.

Key Issues

The key issue of the project is the conceptual and physical integration of Management Applications for TMN applied to IBC networks.

Expected Impact

ICM performs a valuable validation process, gaining practical experience implementing systems conform to existing and emerging TMN standards and practices. In addition, the testbed itself is highly geared towards the exploitation requirements of the consortium members and the RACE Programme, being applicable to use by TMN researchers, developers, integrators and operators. The main options for exploitation of the testbed and its components are :

- Evaluate and test evolving IBC network and TMN technologies.
- Aid the design, production and validation of TMN components, and of IBC network components.
- Test conformance to TMN standards.
- Provide TMN components to operational TMNs within an IBC environment.
- Support education and training in IBC and TMN concepts.
- Provide the foundations of continued research in advanced communications, especially through the provision of a sophisticated environment for the development and execution of management experiments.


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