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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Case Handling Across Remote Islands for Multi-media Applications


CHARISMA aims to provide techniques and infrastructure to realise advanced communications experiments in the field of case handling. The project defined and implemented the resource packages to support the generic application in this area, and was validated in different business sectors.
The project has realized an advanced multimedia generic case handling system that supports users at different locations allowing specific user needs in different business functions and sectors to be met. CHARISMA brings together a varity of technologies with the purpose of enabling the transfer of stored information from a server,whether in the form of text, graphics, voice or video across a high network to a number of client workstations. The flow of this information is controlled by a case handling tool with a consistent user interface.

The system has been designed to support multimedia objetcs carried inside cases which are routed under the controll of a work flow control system. The steps of work done on each case during the circulation, allows the manipulation of its contents. Exception handling procesures such as adding orrolling back a case to start compensating actions, are also allowed. To prove the generality of the design, it has been tested in healthcare and industrial sales.
Technical Approach

CHARISMA creates a generic multimedia case handling system to support users at different locations over a continuum of communications systems enabling users to handle cases within either local or wide areas. CHARISMA involves user groups in pilots, and defines the resource packages for generic multimedia distributed case handling based on user needs. Requirements are specified in a generic way; the implementation is certified step by step and the system subsequently validated and proven to be generic. A working application over a broadband communications framework is demonstrated, based on:

- A local area island incorporating a high performance ATM distribution network.
- Links between the local and wide area, creating a call based, broadband switched ATM network.
- A central case handling server using a standard operating platform, object oriented database, voice and image storage and case handling software in a broadband framework.
- A multimedia workstation with a windows-based user interface and a multimedia production centre, both with ATM local network interface.
- The hardware bridges and software tools to customise the system for the different experiments.

The system is installed in pilot experiments in an industrial sales environment, as well as in a medical/hospital area.

Finally, a Video Conference will be added to the CHARISMA system during 1995.

Key Issues

- Generic case handling system.
- Resource packages definition for generic case handling applications.
- Continuum of communications over local and wide area broadband networks.
- Switched ATM networks.
- Integration with existing environments.
- User applications in various business functions and sectors.
- Integration of Video Conference.

Expected Impact

CHARISMA will contribute to validate and promote applications requiring advanced communications technologies in the case handling area. The flexible control of migrating office processes to support co-operative office work in organisations which are located at different places constitutes a powerful and necessary tool to rationalise the activities inside an organisation. The market studies indicate that most organisations will implement this type of solution to a greater or lesser degree in the coming years. The project will realise its implementation through a continuum of communications allowing its usage in a wide spectrum of scenarios.

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