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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Broadband Access Verification Experiments


The project focuses on the access segment of the ATM network and aims at analysing the focal issues of traffic control, multiplexing, and resource management by experimental activities. This will be done on the basis of an ATM platform, built up with available equipment, directly coming from RACE I projects or taking benefits from the work carried out under the RACE I programme, and upgraded with enhanced functionality added during the project lifetime. Specifically the project plans to:

- Identify and study advanced solutions for traffic control ATM multiplexing and resource management and implement the identified solutions for these topics on the ATM platform.
- Verify the adopted solutions, through experiments on the enhanced platform.
- Derive architecture and functionality required for resource management and multiplexing.
- Demonstrate the possibility of using broadband interfaces management functionality able to provide, across the ATM network, an ATM Virtual Private Network (AVPN).
- Provide other RACE projects with the obtained results and contribute to the standardisation.
A project has been devised to study the access segment of the asynchronous transmission mode (ATM) network and to analyse the focal issues of traffic control, multiplexing and resource management by experimental activities. The requirement specifications for the project have been defined and the identified solutions for traffic control ATM multiplexing and resource management implemented on the experimental ATM platform. The first results on architecture and performance of the experimental functionality required for resource management and multiplexing have been assessed, and initial design of the enhanced functionality specified in detail.
Technical Approach

A reference network concept is assumed by the project including service multiplexing, ATM concentration and customer premises broadband interface management. Relevant items pointed out by the project are the multiplexing problem, both at AAL and ATM layers including advanced statistical multiplexing for ATM concentration and the multiplexing of video and data traffic, the bandwidth allocation problem, particularly regarding advanced techniques such as fast resource management (FRM) and available bit rate (ABR), and the management of the broadband interface resources to improve the efficiency in the use of public resources. The project aims at analysing these focal issues by experimental activities both on a basic and an enhanced ATM platform.

Three experimental islands are provided in Milan, Berlin and Turin. Service Multiplexers, ATM Concentrator, AVPN servers, and FRM units are equipped in the islands. In each island real traffic sources are present (e.g. IEEE 802.3 LAN, ATM LAN, Frame Relay workstations, Video on Demand terminals/servers, etc.) and in this real context, experiments are carried out to validate implemented functionality. Measurements will be taken by means of appropriate functionality embedded in the platform and by measurement devices added to the platform. Functional experiments, performance evaluation experiments, and experiments for traffic characterisation will be conducted in the project.

Key Issues

- Design of the experimental network; the integration of the platform, and island interconnection.
- Development and integration of the platform and of the enhanced functionality.
- Exploitation of experiments on the demonstration network, about advanced traffic control and multiplexing functionality, using traffic coming from a real working environment.

Expected Impact

Significant outcomes of the project will be the improvement of knowledge about ATM access segment as regards traffic control, multiplexing issues and the improvement in knowledge of the ATM traffic arising from real sources.

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