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European Regions Network for Renewable Energies - Network of European Regions aiming at the accelerated integration of renewable energies at regional scale


In this project, a multidisciplinary network will be established among European regions, together with leading European institutes and associations familiar with the issue of RE integration.
Thematic work will be done on the integration of RE in European regions within the context of the overall regional development. Use will be made of the available experience of different European regions With RE integration. That experience will be evaluated and conclusions about the economic consequences of RE integration efforts will be drawn. Based on the results of that analysis, mid- and longterm strategies for RE integration in the EU, targeting both ecological and economic objectives, cooperation schemes with countries outside the EU, a handbook and computer tools for regional planners and decision makers will be developed.

The coordinator of this project will be EUROSOLAR in cooperation with WIP. The project will be supported bY a promotion Committee composed by the president of the Committee of Regions of the EU, Mr. Jasques Blanc, the Member of the European parliament, Dr. Rolf Linkobr, the president of the Regional Conmittee of the European Council, the Chief of New Technology promotion, UNIDO, Dr. Anthony Bromley, the president of EUROSOLAR, Dr. Hermann Scheer, the Minister of Environment of the Region Saarland, Mr. Jo Leinen, the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Egyptian parliament, Mr. Amin Mubarak, the former Minister of Environment of India, Ms. Maneka Gandhi, and the former Minister of Environment of Brazil, Mr. Lutzenberger.


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