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A study for renewable energy implementation in old coal mining sites


Ambitious plans will be developed for new destinations of the old mining sites in Limburg and elsewhere in Europe.
The aim of the project proposed here, is to study from the beginning of the planning on the possible integration of renewable energy technologies as energy supply in such areas.
Thereby, different technologies will be considered, namely wind, PV, solar active and solar passive, as well as combinations wind-solar. Preliminary calculations show promising results, especially for the wind energy potential on top of waste heaps, spread around over Europe. To obtain results which can be generalized, a case study will be done in the coal bassin of Limburg.
Based on measurements of local resources, calculations will be performed in order to obtain an estimation of the potential annual energy output for different system configurations.
Besides the technical study, also an economical study will be performed so as to determine the cost-effectiveness.
As the coal bassin of Limburg is representative for a lot of old industrial sites in Europe, the results coming out of this project will allow to formulate useful recommandations for other renewable energy planners in similar sites all over Europe.
The information will be disseminated to all the local programme committees of the RECHAR programme.
These committees, on which social partners sit alongside local and regional authorities, are responsable for the local implementation of the RECHAR programme.
This approach guarantees maximum effectiveness of the project.


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