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PV for the world's villages. Network to catalyse sustainable large-scale integration of PV in developing countries


The aim of this project is to catalyze sustainable large scale integration of PV in developing countries. Therefore, a ready-to-implement-plan for a global PV electrification of villages in developing countries will be developed. Partners from Europe and from developing countries will cooperate together on the development of these plans. Research institutes, PV experts, technology transfer centres, industries, governments and local partners in developing countries aw well as UN and other international organisations will be included in and contribute to the common project work.
Standardized PV systems will be defined in order to make sure that the hardware used for the PV village electrification will be adapted to the real needs and will have an excellent quality while being simple, cheap, easy to be used. Extreme importance will be given to the optimum matching of end user's needs and energy services provided by the equipment. A global PV village electrification plan including thoroughly elaborated financing schemes will be developed for countries which are ready for the implementation of very decentral PV village electrification schemes and whose governments are willing to cooperate and contribute to the large-scale PV electrification of villages. The plan will include the blueprint planning for the PV electrification of villages in those cooperating countries that are ready for the realization of the electrification plan. The Ministries for Energy/National Energy Boards of those countries that will be investigated as candidate participants of the PV village electrification plan declared their interest and readiness to collaborate and to contribute.
This project will set a loop of mutual interest for Europe and developing countries going: The work accomplished will give a direct contribution to the electrification of the third world villages. The related increasing demand for PV systems in developing countries will create jobs and enhance the chance for PV massproduction in Europe, thus lowering production costs and product prices. In addition, the obtained know-how and decentral energy supply schemes will be extremely beneficial for PV applications in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area, on islands and in the rural parts of European regions.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


European Renewable Energy Centers Agency - Eurec Agency EEIG
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