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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Development of an internal combustion engine for use with crude pyrolysis oil and evaluation of associated processes


The overall objective of this proposal is to bring a compression ignition engine generating set fuelled with crude bio-oil to demonstration stage by the end of the project such that the technology can be demonstrated at a scale up to 5 MWe. There are considerable potential performance and cost advantages for electricity generation by flash pyrolysis and dual fuel engine. There is also the major advantage of being able to operate the engine independently of the flash pyrolysis plant. Although the basic principle has been demonstrated on a laboratory scale and a number of engine manufacturers are known to be interested in exploiting the economic advantages, a working system is not available anywhere in the world. This proposal will offer a considerable technical edge for European industry. The specific major tasks are:
* Design, modify, test and optimise a crude bio-oil fed dual fuel diesel engine and establish optimum parameters,
* Establish optimal and minimum pyrolysis oil characteristics for fuelling an engine.
* Carry out a thorough and comparative technoeconomic evaluation of electricity generation for a total integrated system and perform market assessments.
The injection system and engine modifications are the most critical for the technical success of the project. The basic principle of direct firing bio-oil in a dual fuel engine has already been proved in the laboratory, so the main objective is to modify a slow speed dual fuel engine and ascertain the optimum operating parameters in order to establish engine design and performance criteria and carry out technical, economic and market assessments. Ormrod Diesels (Coordinator) will provide the focus for this proposal by modifying and testing a 250kWe dual fuel diesel engine. Aston University will provide technical coordination with their long experience in this field and will carry out the bio-oil refining, and techno-economic evaluation aided by VTT and Shell. Bio-oil will be supplied by Union Fenosa, Ensyn and later ENEL. Market assessments for different areas of Europe will be carried out by Finesport (Italy), Shanks & McEwan (UK), Union Fenosa (Spain), A.U. Athens (Greece), Impax (Europe). Supporting data on performance and costs will be supplied by ENEL, Finesport, Impax, Shanks & McEwan, Shell, Union Fenosa and A.U. Athens.
Aspects of electricity distribution will be supported by ENEL and Shanks & McEwan.


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