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Content archived on 2024-05-07

European Project for Toll Effects and Pricing Strategies


1. General:
- Transport system more efficient (all modes):
Eurotoll concerns the whole transport system, because of the important part of road transport within all transport modes (70-80%) and pricing of infrastructure use which can influence transport costs and modal split. The urban context is multimodal (passengers only).
- Increase in safety
- Environment friendly and sustainable mobility:
One of the core objectives of Eurotoll is to assess the potential of toll in sustainable mobility and to identify 'essential' road users .
- Interconnection and interoperability:
Though an important issue of toll systems, this is only dealt with partly in Eurotoll. However, project liaisons with Telematics Applications projects will be established.
- Individual transport mode efficiency:
The road system efficiency could be significantly improved through pricing strategies.
- Cooperation between different transport modes:
Especially in the urban context, the user acceptance of road pricing requires an improvement of the whole transport system.
- Infrastructure improvement & integration in the existing environment
- Decision support material:
Results of case studies and tools will be available to support decision makers.

2. Specific objectives:
- Road pricing and tolling mechanisms
- Toll as a financial leverage tool
- Road demand characteristics and potential for substitution
- Typology of road network and traffic context
- Strategies for demand and traffic management
- Overall socio-economic balance of TDM strategies
- Assessment of the 'essential road users' concept
- Models for the assessment of short-term TDM strategies
- Issues and policy options regarding road pricing.

Links with other projects, tasks, areas, programmes, policy actions:

In the Road sector there are references to the PRIVILEGE project; in Strategic research (area 1.2 ), with the projects PETS, QUITS and TRENEN II. For exchange of information a Joint Scientific Committee has been established. With respect to Urban transport research, there are links with area 5.4. There is a policy link with the Green Paper on Fair and Efficient Pricing in Transport.

Case studies

Altogether 13 case studies in France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Greece and Portugal with a gamut of different objectives to be pursued.

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