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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Simulation Modelling Applied to Road Transport European Scheme Tests


The project addresses the dynamic modelling and simulation of road capacity and specific traffic management problems, such as congestion, shock-waves caused by traffic disruption, harmful emissions etc. It covers incident management, intersection control, motorway flow control, dynamic route guidance and regional traffic information.

To that end, it will
- review existing micro-simulation models, so that gaps can be identified. It will build on the APAS results as well as other reviews such as the PROGEN report from PROMETHEUS. A state-of -the-art review will be produced.
- investigate how the existing models can best be enhanced to fill the gaps and thus enhance the state-of-the-art. Prime objectives of these enhancements will be to ensure that they are transferable across Europe and that they are based on statistical evidence.
- incorparate the findings of the study into a best practice manual for the use of micro-simulation in modelling road transport and to disseminate these findings widely throughout Europe.

Existing micro simluation models will then be enhanced to include the new models. Comparisons will be made between the new model outputs and the data collected. The main outputs of the project will be an enhanced set of micro-simulation tools for helping network managers solve their problems and a best practice manual detailing guidelines and procedures for their selection and use.

Links with other projects, tasks, areas, programmes, policy actions:

The project will build on the APAS report and other reviews such as the PROGEN from PROMETHEUS. Close links with the HIPERTRANS project by means of a Joint Scientific Committee and an organized exchange of intermediate results.

Case studies

The project will use data collected in Barcelona, Toulouse, Stockholm, Turin and Florence.

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