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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-16

Inner shell excitation and soft x rays induced dynamics of isolated molecules. Experiment and theory


The soft Xrays induced fragmentation of inner shell excited molecules will be studied experimentally and theoretically in order to evidence selective photochemical bond activation and the involvement of individual valence electrons into the molecular bond. The spectroscopy itself of these highly excited species is achieved at high resolution by high energy electron impact. For the dynamics the electronic decay of the core hole into the double ionisation continuum will be studied by detection of the fragment ion pairs, the nature of these latter being correlated to specific valence hole configuration. The localisation of the initial core electron excitation will be correlated to specific bond breakages. In addtion models for the energy dissipation in such highly excited species and the stability of doubly molecules will be proposed.


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Université de Liège
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