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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Application of single electron devices for the development of a current standard


Quality assurance and traceability of electrical measurements are of fundamental importance for Europe's measurement infrastructure. To support the industrial technological progress, it is therefore of importance that the ampere, which is a base unit of the SI system, is directly realized with great precision and reproducibility. It is believed that such a standard can be realized using single electron devices. For a successful realization of a future standard it is necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the national research activities by means of international collaboration.

The SETamp project aims for the realization of the following objectives:
(1) to realize a thorough understanding of the physical processes that affect the performance of single electron tunnelling (SET) devices;
(2) to coordinate and structure the device fabrication and testing;
(3) to develope and test high-precision electrical-current measurement techniques.
A general objective incorporated in the above mentioned objectives is to coordinate the interaction between theoretical, fabrication, and experimental research.
(1) Theory: The work on the understanding of the physical processes that determine the performance of single electron devices has started with an experts workshop organized by DFM. The workshop took place from July 24 to 26 in Lyngby (Denmark).
(2) Device fabrication and testing: The fabrication and testing of the first devices have been completed, and will be continued in the next period (PTB, NMi, CTH, SP, OFMET). There are some (inherent) setbacks due to malfunction of necessary equipment (OI). These problems have been solved satisfactorily by shifting work to other partners.
(3) Current measurement: The development cryogenic capacitors and current comparators is on schedule and some subtasks have already been completed (LCIE, NMi, NPL). One task is seriously delayed due to the malfunction of equipment in WP 3 (OI), but will still be completed in the next period (NPL).


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