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Stationary online monitoring and leakage control system for duct works


The goal of this co-operative research project is the development of a stationary online monitoring leakage control i early warning system. The technique to be developed should be possible to avoid the adversely effects associated with pipe leaks and to improve the safety of pipe processing with significant economic and environmental benefits. This implies the development of an appropriate acoustic sensor with a suited sensitivity combined with a software which analyses leakage sounds through an enhanced correlation algorithm allowing the detection of leaks in the dimension of hair cracks within an accuracy of one meter. This system can be employed and adapted to different pipe and duct diameters and materials. Beside the exact location of a leak, an early warning of leaks can be realized. Currently there is no reliable system available on the market, which offers an enduring protection from accidents caused by large leakage's. Accurate sensors for leakage detection are currently only to be found in the USA. But to the time, this sensor systems meet only 50 % of the requirements, which should be fulfilled through the proposed system). In addition they are very expensive. Therefore the development in the USA is pushed to a better and cheaper system at full speed. The proposed project applied for here is urgently needed in order to prevent the EU from falling behind in this field. The successful development of a reliable leakage sensor technology for the leakage prevention will be of extreme importance for minimizing the hazard of industrial accidents and environmental impacts caused by pipe leakage and will allow the consortium to take a leading role in their respective fields. In addition it will allow a more secure production and decrease costs for e.g. maintenance.

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