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Teacher Training, reflective theories and tele guidance : prospectives and possibilities in teacher training in Europe


The REFLECT Thematic Network for Teacher Training aims to strenghten cooperation in research activities among the partners involved. The research will be carried out on reflective competencies training in initial teacher training for general secondary and vocational education, using tele tutoring as an instrument in school based training.

Four teacher training institutions will carry out comparative studies of the development of new practices using modes of tele-guidance. These studies will bring together experts in the field of reflection and those in the field of educational telematics in teacher training.

REFLECT includes the following activities:

1) An inventory study of research activities in the field of IT related to the development of reflective competencies in training.

2) Four preparatory studies on the use of telematics as a reflection aid. These studies will focus on:
a) development of instruments to measure the reflective skills;
b) installation of the technical requirements for the research;
c) development of hypothesis and research questions. They will focus on effects of telematic intervention of teacher trainers in the reflection process;
d) development of research agenda/design for future research by partners involved.

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