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Gender and Citizenship: Social Integration and Social Exclusion in European Welfare States


This Thematic Network aims at:

* Producing new knowledge about gender as both a concept and a variable for analisys in the comparative work on social citizenship that delineate the sources of women's social exclusion, and the multiple forms of social integration in different policy contexts.
* Producing a state-of-the-art summary of existing approaches to integrate gender in the framework for comparative work on social citizenship and welfare regimes synthesizing main stream litterature and feminist analyses.
* Producing a compilation of national case studies that illustrate the multidimensional features of women's social exclusion and the multiple forms of participation in work and politics.
* developing a new conceptual and methodological framework on the basis of citizenship for the comparative study of the social rights in European welfare regimes by gendering the notion of rights, obligations, participation and identities.
* developing a framework for integrating the gender dimension in policy making and for evaluating policies in terms of gender impact.

Five seminars will be organized in order to achieve these objectives. Each of them will present:

- an overview of the main surveys and publications in the field
- a state-of-the-art knowledge
- the national/local diversities in the discussed fields
- the benefits from applying a comparative perspective
- the needs for a new research.

The serie of seminars will be outlined as follows:

* Start up of the project + 4 months: "Citizenship and new forms of social exclusion and social integration - women's double roles as working mothers"
* Start up of the project + 11 months: "The causes of women's exclusion and integration - the problems in engendering citizenship"
* Start up of the project + 18 months: "Public policies towards social and political equality - what difference politics make?"
* A mid-term assessment meeting will take place immediately after this seminar.
* Start up of the project + 25 months: "Women's political identity, practice and power - gendering agency and political institutions"
* Start up of the project + 32 months: "The transition of gender, welfare state and democracy - women as agents or objects of social change?"

The carrying out of the project will give rise to five intermediate reports and the final overall synthesis report.

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