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European Child Care and Education Study


The general objective of the proposed study is to build on existing national data sets in four European countries (Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain) to complete an in-depth cross-national analysis of the effects of different types of preschool programs on beneficial outcomes concerning children's development and the functioning of families.
A second set of objectives is related to how children progress through preschool to early compulsory schooling. For this purpose a follow up investigation is included. Evaluation from a cross-national perspective will focus on factors which facilitate the transition of children into compulsory schooling, which increase the child's success in school and enhance his/her mastering of daily living skills at the age of 8 years In addition, impacts on families (e.g. on parents employment and continuing education) will be investigated.
These objectives will be achieved through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research approaches in order to account for the cultural and societal diversity in the participating countries. Basically analytical, the study is designed to improve current practice by providing pracititoners, as well as decision makers at different levels with practical information. An Advisory Group, including representatives from other European countries who are not participating directly in the proposal study as well as a member from the European Union Commission in Brussels will be invited to review the progress of activities and the results to date. In addition it is expected that the advisory group will facilitate dissemination of procedures and results to other European countries that may benefit from the project.


Freie Universität Berlin
4,Takustraße 4
14195 Berlin

Participants (4)

Universidad de Sevilla
S/n,avenida San Francisco Javier S/n
41005 Sevilla
Universidade do Porto
1055,Rua De Campo Alegre 1055
4450 Porto
Universität Lüneburg - Europäische Akademie für Umwelt und Wirtschaft
1,Scharnhorststraße 1
21332 Lüneburg
Universität Salzburg
26/2,Akademiestraße 26/2
5020 Salzburg