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Family structure, labour market participation and the dynamics of social exclusion


The project has six objectives:
(i) to increase the understanding of the processes of social exclusion and social reintegration in Europe by using an explicitly dynamic approach; (ii) to examine and compare the extent and impact of social exclusion among men and women at transitional stages in the life course;
(iii) to establish the ways in which the policies of Member States affect the risk of social exclusion during these transitions;
(iv) to explore the effect of community and family structures on the extent and experience of social exclusion associated with life course transitions;
(v) to assess the contribution that the European Community Household Panel (ECHP) can make to the analysis of social exclusion, and make recommendations for improvements to the survey;
(vi) to improve the dissemination of techniques for analysing social exclusion throughout Europe.
The use of an explicitly dynamic approach to the analysis of social exclusion is fundamental to the proposed project. It will make extensive use of the ECHP to apply dynamic analysis on a comparable basis to the six countries in the study: Austria, Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal and the UK. However, it will also make use of national datasets to complement the ECHP analysis, and will use in depth interviews to provide a deeper understanding of the social processes at work.
The combination of dynamic and comparative analysis can be expected to generate new knowledge and theory, thus helping in the formulation of more effective policies at the level of national governments and the European Union.

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