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Modelling and experimental research into gas explosions


To provide a consistent set of data to validate predictive techniques and to improve phenomenological models to predict the effects of explosion.

It has been established that damaging overpressures can be generated only by flammable vapour clouds burning in congested areas.

There are still large gaps in our knowledge on vapour cloud explosions. Considering, for example, the jet release of a flammable gas from a pressurized pipe or vessel. The turbulence due to the jet release will enhance the combustion rate if this jet is ignited. The influence of various parameters such as the location and time of ignition, the release rate and scale are unknown. Although both computer codes and physical modelling experiments are currently used as predictive tools, these predictive techniques have never been compared against a consistent set of data at different scales, with different fuels and different obstruction parameters. Furthermore, the way that combustion has been modelled in the numerical techniques is very basic and probably needs further improvement.

There are 3 main work programmes as follows.
Generation of experimental data concerning the effect of obstructed regions on flame propagation. Large, medium and small scale experiments will be undertaken using different fuels comparing a wide range of venting with obstacles of different blockage blast pressure and flame speed will be monitored.
Generation of experimental data to quantify the effect on flame propagation of the turbulence generated by a jet release. Experiments will be performed to quantify the effects of explosion of flammable vapour clouds during discharge from a pressurised vessel or pipeline.
3) Development of combustion models. It is proposed to develop a turbulent reaction model incorporating reduced reaction mechanisms and a probability distribution function(PDF) transport equation model.


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