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In FARAWAY, telematics is seen as a means of enhancing aircraft surveillance and navigation by using a two-way data link. Processing of radar surveillance and aircraft localisation data will employ novel data fusion processors. The project will confirm that the introduction of such links can help safely reduce aircraft minimum separation standards in served and unserved airspace. Broad participation by airlines and aviation authorities is expected to result in a widespread grasp of the purpose, benefits and costs of the application.

The Objective is to investigate the enhanced operational performance of ground surveillance and aircraft navigation which are possible through the use of ADS/TWDL (Automatic Dependent Surveillance/Two Way Data Link), using appropriate fusion of ground generated surveillance data with aircraft localisation data to ground by air to ground links.

After Operational and Functional Analysis of User and Service Provider requirements, substantial effort will be dedicated to the development of a demonstration site equipped with innovative data fusion processors and data links, with purposely developed avionic ADS/TWDLs carried by a fleet of Airline carriers.

It will in particular be verified that in a peripheral airspace interfacing the Mediterranean (Italy) the introduction of ADS/TWDL will provide improved Separation Standards in unserved airspaces and better surveillance standards in areas covered by Primary Surveillance Radar or Secondary Surveillance Radar facilities. Moreover, the TWDL will be demonstrated also in the Swedish airspace and a connection to the Eurocontrol Experimental Centre in Bretigny, France, will make the data available for integration with data generated through the ADS Europe project.

This project will contribute to the ADS Mediterranean Trials managed by Eurocontrol and as such it is expected to receive further scope and funding within the EATCHIP initiatives.

Users, Service Providers and Equipment/Systems Manufacturers contribute to the Project. Moreover, to achieve synergetic management in three of the Participating Countries, Sweden, Spain and Italy, the User/Service Provider needs and industry expertise are integrated through co-ordination of the National Aviation Authority and the main National Airline by a recognised System Company. Equally, for the avionics developments, all resources will be clustered around the German participant.

All together this will assure a wide spread dissemination of results, including comprehensive understanding of the application, of the needs to be covered and of its benefits and costs. The analysis of impact on new Operational procedures and of a certification for use methodology will also constitute main deliverables of the project.

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