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ICARE will implement a comprehensive telematics-based public transport ticket system for areas covered by several kinds of service with more than a single operator. Based on the use of contactless smartcards, the system will be targeted at all kinds of passenger, taking care to ensure that infrequent users get value for money. Technologies for novel facilities will be tested, including portable devices for passenger information or emergency help. The project will also consider marketing strategies to adapt services to revenue generated. A decentralised security system will be employed to safeguard individual privacy.

Project Objectives :

- Implement a complete multiservice ticketing system in multioperator environments, safeguarding individual privacy.

- Adapt Contactless Ticketing to all segments of customers, focussing on infrequent users.

- Manage offer and incomes in multioperator environment.

- Propose new services to customers, directly linked with the use of a contactless support.

Summary description :

To meet the objectives, the project has been broken down in four developments :

1st Objective Ensure the optimisation, the coherence and the validation of the complete multiservice and multioperator system

2nd Objective Define marketing and technical solutions for infrequent users

3rd Objective Develop hands free data collection system to monitor offer and incomes management

4rth Objective Develop portable devices for passenger ( to provide services : information, emergency call, passenger information, contact card reader)

Anticipated results :

Icare has a focus on the analysis of needs, functionnal specifications, build demonstrator and verification phases in order to achieve the following results :

1st Development Define and verify a generic contactless system based on decentralised security

2nd Development Specify and validate marketing approach, and study medium technically and economically compatible with the technology used for season tickets

3rd Development Develop and verify hands-free devices adapted to several multi-operator transport and urban environments

4th Development Specify, develop and validate communication environment and portable devices dealing with emergency call and contact-card interface

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