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The long-term impact on morbidity and mortality of measles infection


Small ruminants are the most important farm animals in Syria. Respiratory disorders are among the most important problems associated with small ruminant health, causing high morbidity and mortality. The major cause of mortality is acute pneumonia with suspected viral etiology, complicated with the eventual synergy with lungworms.

Only fragmentary information is currently available on viral respiratory infections of small ruminants in Syria but surveys of parasitic bronchitis in syrian sheep showed heavy infestation of lungworms. Until now, only an interaction between bacteria and lungworms has been demonstrated and no studies have been conducted on how they interact with viruses.
The purpose of the proposed research is:
- undertake an epidemiological survey for viruses affecting the respiratory system and lungworms extended to the entire country - conduct studies on anatomo-pathological changes in lungs of sheep - infect experimentally sheep with viral pathogens combined with lungworm infection
- assess the synergy between viruses and lungworms and establish efficient prophylactic measures for small ruminants in Syria - transfer the technology for viral diagnostic methodology to the Veterinary Faculty of Hama.


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