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Sustainable development of intensive aquaculture in the Andean-Patagonian region : environmental impact and agricultural reutilization of fish farming wastes


In Patagonia desertification and depressed wool prices are
leading to a decline of the traditional sheep livestock
production, and to migration of rural population.
Diversifications of economic activities are, therefore, needed urgently. Aquaculture emerges as an activity with rapid
recuperation of initial investment. The lakes of the
Andean-Patagonian Region appear to be suitable to sustain
salmonid productions. Feed supplementation in cage culture,
however, implies a potential for eutrophication, diminishing production sustainability. Fish farming wastes, being rich in organic matter and nutrients, may be used as fertilizers in the production of regional crops. This reutilization of wastes would allow to develop fish farming minimizing lake pollution; to
decrease fertilization costs of agricultural products of the same region, and to acquire a general methodology of organic waste reutilization in agriculture. To achieve these objectives, the following studies are proposed: 1) cage culture effects on water quality of the Alicura Reservoir, where a potential production of 8,600 tn rainbow trout/yr was estimated; 2) nutrient loads and dvnamics (specially N and P);3) extraction efficiency of fish farming wastes; 4) agricultural evaluation of wastes applied to soils from volcanic origin; 5) evaluation of costs related to extraction and transport of wastes to farmlands, economic
benefits derived from production, cost increases due to
eutrophication that would imply more dam maintenance, losses of tourism, decrease in water quality for human consumption and fish farming; 6) results will be transferred to institutions involved in the administration and control of water resources, as well as to professionals, farmers and students.


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