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Assessement of tropical shrimp aquaculture impact on the environment in tropical countries, using hydrobiology, ecology and remote sensing as using tools for diagnosis


The place of Asian countries in the world aquaculture production remains of major importance with more than 10 million tons produced in 1991, corresponding to 85 % of the total. The rapid expansion of this activity, in Asia, with the research of a quick return, particularly for shrimp produced for the export market, has created a number of problems in absence of relevant development plans and a lack of consideration for the protection of the environment. The main objective of this research programme, mainly conducted in Indonesia, Vietnam, New-Caledonia and Tahiti, is to study the impact of aquaculture on marine environment presenting variable sensibility to organic sewage (mangrove, coralline site) and extend the methodologies to the survey of site degradation using airborne and remote sensing as a tool for diagnosis at large scale. It is divided in 4 parts :
a) determination of the quality and the quantity of sewages produced by shrimp aquaculture at 3 levels : animals, ponds, aquaculture site b) study of the impact of organic wastes produced by aquaculture on the environment (water quality, ecological impact) in different sites and different conditions encountered in tropical countries (mangrove, coralline site)
c) use of remote sensing and airborne for monitoring the impact of aquaculture on the environment in researching correlations between data obtained on the field and remote sensing informations
d) training of Asian researchers on the methodologies.

The results of this programme will tentativelly help in a better under
standing of the impact of Aquaculture on the environment and will provide guidelines for preventing future damages.


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