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Demographic and Epidemiologic Transition in India: Prediction and Variation in Health Care Costs and Implications for Policy


Available evidence suggests that most developing countries are experiencing a rapid process of ageing.This is a consequence of unprecented falls in fertility rates combined with falls inmortality because diseases previously fatal in infncy and early adult life are now being sucessfully prevented or treated.By the year 2025 for example India will contain among the largest elderly populations in the world.Pojections show that those over 60 years of age are expected to grow at twice the rate ot the general population between 1991 and 2001.Profiles of older populations in developing countries are urgently required with a view to assessing health and social care need, current expenditure and future costs.This will enable governments to target scare resources and develop appropriate policies.This proposal aims to expand work that is currently ongoing in association with major scientific institutions in India.It involves the participation of regionally based multi-disciplinary research teams who will through undertaking profiles on morbidity and mortality in old age,assess options for health and social care in urban and rural areas.The emphasis will be on the production of baseline health and socio-economic data supplemented by intervention studies.This will assess the feasibility of different strategies on health and social care with a focus on prevention and support for community based care.There will be particular emphasis placed upon the building of institutional capacity for undertaking research that is inter-disciplinary (social and life sciences)with an emphasis on policy and dissemination of outcomes.This will be undertaken with a view to supporting nascent policy measures,currently under discussion in the health and social sectors of India.


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