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Management of traffic using traffic flow control and other measures


Main objective:
1- Demonstrate that novel methods of traffic control can be used, alone or in combination with other measures (park&ride, re-allocation of roadspace to public transport, road pricing, information, ...) in a cost effective manner in order to reduce congestion, improve the efficiency/cleanliness of urban travel and influence modal choice.
2- Construct reliable simulation models of relevant parts of the road network of the three demonstration sites (York, Porto, Thessaloniki) 3- Develop a common evaluation framework 4- Develop novel traffic management and control strategies for each demonstration site using the simulation models 5- Design, implement and monitor the three demonstration projects 6- Assess the simulation and demonstration results and develop guidelines for simulation which would allow cost effective application of the novel traffic control techniques in a range of networks.

York (UK), Porto (PT), Thessaloniki (GR)
Transport RTD programme (project INCOME - task 5.1/6 on development/integration of multifaceted systems) Transport Telematics programme

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