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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Information and publicity helping the objective of reducing motorised mobility


The overall aim of the research is to produce Guidelines showing how to use various kinds of information and publicity campaigns in order to reduce dependence on the car and levels of motorised mobility. Such campaigns might be initiated by a range of public or private sector organisations, using a variety of tools aimed at different target audiences, either with the objective of increasing use of non-car transport modes (public transport, walking and cycling) or aiming directly at reducing car use.
The seven specific objectives are:

1. To provide a generic classification of information and publicity tools that can be applied in a transport context to influence travel behaviour.
2. To identify key target and the ways in which travel behaviour might be influenced by information and publicity initiatives.
3. To provide a comprehensive review of different kinds of information and publicity campaigns, and the policy objectives they have been intended to achieve.
4. To identify and detail a range of case studies, illustrating good (and bad) practice.
5. To develop a general model setting out relationships between objectives, information and publicity strategies, use of specific tools and likely behavioural outcomes.
6. To develop a number of 'concept campaigns', to illustrate how the principles derived under the general model might be applied in selected situations.
7. To ensure widespread dissemination of the of the findings among relevant public and private sector organisations.

case studies will be decided in the course of the project
Links have been established with the parallel project CAMPARIE, in relation to the conceptual framework for the task and with the aim of some common dissemination elements. It is expected that some inputs will be derived from WALCYNG and ADONIS (Task 5.2/18).

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