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CAFE MONDIAL provides an IT infrastructure and logistics for e-training, e-business, e-commerce and e-community networks. The aim is to integrate partners and members, who provide high quality services and products, and help franchisees to set up regional or user focused IT services and telematics resource centres. The major result of the project activities and research findings is the holistic CAFE MONDIAL model, which already in an early stage has been awarded for Innovation in Education and Training and Entrepreneurship. The CAFE MONDIAL is based on architecture integrating Intranet, Internet, and Database technology. The telematics resource centres also include video-conferencing facilities. The software tools enable students to automatically register, access the courses, become assessed and receive accreditation. The network architecture also enables electronic commerce, electronic trading, and electronic consultancy. The architecture is continuously being updated to state-of-the art communications technology and emerging protocols. There are two major hubs in Europe, accessible with a standard browser via modem, GSM, ISDN, TCP/IP, or satellites. The CAFE MONDIAL network attracted more than 2,000 users to the centres actively participating in courses and workshops and more than 25,000 visitors to its web site in the final phase. At least 200 new high quality ICT jobs have been created in rural regions during the project's lifetime. With each new site, on average 20 new jobs will be developed. Project URL: