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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Horizontal Project for the Evaluation of Safety


The objective of the project is to provide a framework for safety evaluation of ATT implementation within DRIVE II and to integrate safety evaluation results that come out of the different pilot projects. The project will cover both Man-Machine Interaction (i.e. usability) and Traffic Safety (i.e. the overall safety effect of the system in actual operation). A special investigation will also be elaborated in the project on the safety aspects of improving roads of low standards by implementing ATT systems.

The overall technical approach of the project consists of simultaneous and integrated work in the two main areas mentioned above. The two work areas have common workpackages (COM 1-6), which means that the work is carried out simultaneously, for MMI and Traffic Safety areas. The areas are integrated by the Core Team.

The first year concerns the prepatory phase of the horizontal safety evaluation. The evaluation work itself is carried out by the pilot projects themselves in the second and third year. The final task for the project is to integrate and generalize the results both in the two main areas and for pilot projects.

Key Issues

to scan the descriptions of the ATT systems to be tested in the pilot projects carried out within DRIVE in order to ensure that the framework fits the existing systems
to elaborate a framework for prospective and retrospective safety analysis
to operationalise the concepts and methods mentioned above for field trials
to give common advice on the safety evaluation of pilot projects
to draw conclusions regarding the teorethical framework, the methodology and specifically the safety effects of ATT systems tested.

Expected Achievements

The achievements of the first year are the same as expected. The second and third year should concentrate on the implementation of the evaluation frameworks, on actual safety evaluations and on the integration of their results.

Expected Impact The framework that is going to be elaborated within the project is expected to improve the quality of the foreseen self-evaluation carried out by the pilot projects and strengthen the influence of the safety aspects on ATT development and implementation.


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