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Prometheus CED 10 Mobile and Portable Information Systems in Europe


The overall objective of the PROMISE project is to develop and test a multi-modal traveller information system, incorporating an open architecture and portable terminals. The PROMISE system concept will eventually provide a wide range of multi-modal traveller information and services to the public. This could include traffic information and hazard warnings; public transport information; parking availability and reservations; and tourist and visitor information. The aim is to test PROMISE at test site in Gothenburg and Birmingham. Additional sites may be included later in the project.
A multimodal traveller information system, incorporating an open architecture and portable terminals is under development. The Prometheus CED 10 mobile and portable information systems in Europe (PROMISE) system concept will eventually provide a wide range of multimodal traveller information and services to the public.

Detailed technical and commercial feasibility studies have been completed. These established a basis for the development of detailed technical specifications which included the development of a functional model for the system architecture and the identification of information services for the 2 test sites.

An initial clarification of 1- and 2-way information services that will be implemented at the 2 PROMISE test sites. Information sources to support these services have been identified including public transport and parking operators, and tourist information databases.

The identified information services have been used as a basis to define 1- and 2-way bearer message set definitions. These have been defined to enable PROMISE terminals and the system architecture to be developed according to PROMISE specifications. The definition of PROMISE message sets, which are being developed through liaison primarily with advanced transport telematics - advice and problem location for European road traffic (ATT ALERT) project will contribute to the development of pan European traveller information systems.

System architecture issues are also being explored. A PROMISE functional model has been developed to describe an entire system, from the various information sources to the portable terminal. For this reason an appropriate functional decomposition of the overall system has been made, which includes the identification of functional building blocks, as well as their interfaces and interrelationships. This sets out which blocks are independent of any site, and which will need to be appropriately interfaced at the current and future PROMISE sites.
Technical Approach

The project approach involves feasibility and definition of requirements, followed by research and development, feeding into full-scale field trials at selected pilot sites. Research and development is building on work undertaken in DRIVE I and PROMETHEUS. This includes development of an integrated system architecture, prototype terminals and application software.

Key Issues

In the fully-implemented PROMISE system, information will be collected from diverse data sources, processed and resolved into formats suitable for dissemination and service provision. Dissemination may eventually utilise multiple communications bearers such as RDS-TMC, GSM, and one-way and two-way paging and mobile data services. Information and services will be received by compact portable terminals. PROMISE places significant emphasis on developing personal portable system terminals that will also enable the traveller to be fully informed of all options at any time during the day, regardless of where the traveller is.

Expected Achievements

PROMISE aims to contribute towards the development of a truly pan-European traveller information system. The project will result in the development of a system architecture to support the transmission of traffic and traveller information to portable terminals in an open system environment. This architecture will be flexible to allow easy transferability to other European locations.

PROMISE will contribute towards the extension of the ALERT C protocol to include, for example, public transport and parking information. The project also aims to be one of the first implementations of ALERT PLUS protocols in terms of encompassing other bearers beyond RDS and using additional functions.

Expected Impact

PROMISE is working towards the convergence of DRIVE and PROMETHEUS activities on traveller information systems. The project approach includes looking towards future widespread PROMISE system implementation. This involves planning the future system evolution and considering transferability issues. Recommendations on standards impacts will also be developed from the field trial results. It will therefore form the first step in the implementation of compatible, multi-functional systems and services throughout Europe.

Contribution to Standardisation

PROMISE is playing a role in standardisation activities. In addition to providing feedback on practical experience of developing prototypes, PROMISE includes a specific task concentrating on common specifications and protocol implementations. PROMISE is following DRIVE communication protocol guidelines as it aims to develop a consensus behind these protocols.


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