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Euro-Project (London, Lyon, Amsterdam, Munich and Dublin, with MARGOT)

Exploitable results

The LLAMD Euro-Project, encompasses linked field trials in 5 major cities in a coordinated programme to develop and demonstrate aspects of the integration of advanced transport telematics (ATT) systems within an integrated road transport environment. In London, the APPLE subproject has made technical progress in linking dynamic route guidance and urban traffic control where the ASTRID database of SCOOT traffic control data will be linked to the dynamic route guidance system. The Lyon LEADER subproject has contributed to the overall development of a common system architecture in LLAMD. In Amsterdam the definition of the WEGWIJS subproject has progressed satisfactorily, building upon the concept of enhancing in vehicle route guidance to become a true advanced travel information system (ATIS) by giving information on parking, park and ride and public transport. The Munich COMFORT subproject is the largest component of LLAMD involving integration of public transport and private traffic in the areas of urban traffic control, park and ride and travel and traffic information. In Dublin the DUBSAFE subproject has reviewed possibilities for linking accident recording systems with ATT developments. The MARGOT subproject has both defined specific links with pilot projects within and outside LLAMD, and has made technical progress in journey time prediction techniques and in dynamic network monitoring. Existing modelling techniques are being modified to encompass the different technical approaches represented within LLAMD. The common workpackages have proved to be an effective method of bringing together the nearly 50 organizations directly participating in LLAMD. Plans for implementing the 2 different approaches based on Euro-Scout (beacon based) and SOCRATES (cellular radio based) are progressing well.