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Scientific Excellence in Animal Reproductive Medicine and Embryo Technology


One Exploitation Plan on working with the pharmaceutical sector

UCPH will provide advice to EMU in analyzing their potential market and developing a go-to-market strategy. This will include determining what if any intellectual property rights can be asserted on the procedures or products that are developed. It will also examine production issues such as scalability and distribution. Financial issues such as pricing strategies, marketing and investments required will also be considered.

Infrastructure Development Strategy

EMU with UCPH assistance will create a strategy for increasing its research excellence through changes in facilities and equipment. The plan will: • Assess the feasibility of EMU reaching a standard of excellence while continuing to use partner facilities in Estonia or abroad • Make a cost-benefit analysis to compare the anticipated scientific benefits to the purchase, operating and maintenance costs of new or upgraded infrastructure in the short, intermediate and long term. • Identify potential sources of funding that could support the upgrade of EMU facilities. This includes state, EU and international programmes as well as alternative financing scheme. The plan will be completed in Month 25. • Determine how EMU should proceed to ensure that it can reach research excellence, be capable of scaling up of embryo production and improve animal welfare.

One Technology Transfer Plan for Bovine Embryo Production

UCPH will help EMU develop its strategy, answering questions of legal arrangements, intellectual property, risk assessments, and financing needs. All of these questions will be addressed in a technology transfer plan.

Bovine IVF Embryo Production Plan

Experts from USFD will work with EMU researchers to create a plan that will lay out how EMU can scale up production of bovine IVF embryos for potential commercialization.

Data Management Plan

EMU will prepare detailed protocols for storing and managing animal reproductive data. The plan will lay out how the data should be managed over the long term so that it can be used in comparisons with other samples to identify changes over time.

One Scenario Analysis on potential methods of commercializing EMU’s bovine embryo development

UCPH will work with EMU to map out the potential methods of commercializing its bovine embryo development techniques. The analysis will include the following: • Providing technology transfer consultation - teaching animal breeders how to produce high quality embryos on their own using the techniques developed at EMU. Perhaps via licensing agreements. • Partnerships for embryo production – working with one or more partners to produce and sell high quality embryos to animal breeders in the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and/or other markets

One Scenario Analysis on potential methods of working with the pharmaceutical sector

EMU, with the help of partners will analyse 3 potential scenarios in regards to working with the pharmaceutical industry. For each method, UTARTU will assess feasibility in terms of infrastructure requirements, potential yields, timeframes for development and initial demand. • Transgenic farm animals as bioreactors to synthesize biopharmaceutical products such as peptides and hormones: This is the scenario that EMU has made the most progress towards, • Transgenic animals as test subjects for drug development where phenotypic and epigenetic information can be monitored. • Inheritable genetic modification to produce animals as bioreactors or test subjects

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