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Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST)


VC Generation & Migration

This deliverable will provide the initial design and implementation (SW package) of the Virtual Container (VC) Generator, which will also embed a hash blockchains-based VC tag and the Federated DC Security Controller as an extension to the OpenStack framework.

Smart Energy Flexibility Modelling

This deliverable will provide the modelling and realization of the smart grid/RES/DES electricity as well as potential electricity and thermal (heating/cooling) flexible energy estimations and capabilities of each DC participating in the CATALYST project and nearby districts and perform a preliminary feasibility study of the CATALYST approach.

Trial set-up, test & evaluation methodology

This deliverable will provide a description of the trial sites as feedback to CATALYST system designers, along with use case evaluation criteria, test procedures.

Data management plan v2

This deliverable will provide a description of the data management procedures to be used at trial sites.

CATALYST Specification & Design

This deliverable will analyse the CATALYST use cases so as to capture the user requirements based on which the requirements for the CATALYST framework and subsystem in terms of functionality, interfaces (hardware and software) and information flow will be identified. It will also specify the CATALYST framework architecture and interfaces between IT and Energy components.

Data management plan V1

This deliverable will provide a description of the data management procedures to be used at trial sites.

Green DC Assessment Toolkit

This deliverable will provide the Green DC Assessment Toolkit, including test cases, metrics measuring processes and methodologies

Dissemination & Standardization Activities V1

This deliverable will summarize the annual Dissemination plans and SDO activities.

Guidelines and Integration Framework

This deliverable will provide detailed guidelines describing the integration methodology. Moreover, it will provide the automated Continuous Integration Framework, providing the complete end-to-end chain from the source code repository up to the qualification infrastructure.

Report on marketing & promotional tools V1

This deliverable will comprise a listing and a description of the created marketing material and tools.

Green DC Stakeholder Group Manifest

This deliverable will be the GDC-SG formation manifest, defining the scope of the group.

Project Web site

This deliverable will provide the initial version of the project web site to be updated frequently.

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