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Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modal Transport chains – Phase 2


First SPD integrated assessment

Results of the first integrated assessment of the Shift2Rail KPIs carried out with the detailed model based on the impact of all TDs on the overall KPIs

CBM results for rail vehicles

CBM results for rail vehicles (regional EMU, double-deck passenger coaches, high-speed EMU, suburban EMU)

CBM Data structures

CBM data structures

Global roadmap standardisation

Global roadmap for standardisation activities

SPD use cases

Report describing the identified use cases for each of the four segments.

Initial estimation of the KPIs

Results of the first rough estimation of the KPIs carried out with the simplified model fed by rough low-level KPIs of the TDs

Data Management Plan

Report about data policy and a Data Management Plan

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Passenger demand in a technical world

Author(s): Svenja Hainz, Elodie Vannier, Michael Meyer zu Hörste, Ida Kristoffersson
Published in: Symposium on Rail Transport Demand Management 2018, 2018

Noise Assessment of Railway Innovations

Author(s): Svenja Hainz, Siv Leth, Rüdiger Garburg, Elodie Vannier, Dennis Fast
Published in: “The Science behind Hands on Sustainable Mobility” Conference, 2019

A methodology to assess the impact of end-user centric innovations on railway transportation attractiveness

Author(s): Yves Perreal, Svenja Hainz, Elodie Vannier, Ida Kristoffersson, Michael Meyer zu Hörste
Published in: WCRR2019, 2019

Bewertungsmethodik für die Projektergebnisse im Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail

Author(s): Svenja Hainz, Michael Meyer zu Hörste, Florian Brinkmann
Published in: SIGNAL + DRAHT, Issue 01-02/2018, 2018, Page(s) 6-14, ISSN 0037-4997