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Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Solution for Managing and Optimising Google AdWords

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Cutting-edge technology makes online advertising simpler, more economical and effective for small companies

Lacking resources, most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seek digital marketing consultancy at the expense of their advertising budgets. An EU initiative has developed an online tool for managing and optimising Google Ads – a leading online advertising platform.

Digital Economy

The majority of today’s online advertising is carried out through Google Ads (previously AdWords), making it the single largest source of e-commerce revenue globally. For SMB owners, online advertising is complex, and it takes time and money to grasp. Costs can climb if the services of advertising agencies, digital marketers or online professionals are requested. The EU-funded AdAI project has made it very easy to get started and launch professional campaigns on Google. “We take the complexity out of setting up and managing Google Ads by talking to people in layman’s terms,” says Anders Ibsen, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of project coordinator Cobiro. “This will help them focus energy on running their businesses, which is what’s really important, and not concern themselves with creating digital ads or hiring pros.”

Fully automated solution for optimised Google Ads management

In 2016, Cobiro developed a platform for managing and optimising Google Ads. The solution is an advanced software and AI algorithm that automatically manages the entire process of extracting keywords, Ads bidding, purchasing, managing and reviewing. “Our competitive advantage lies in our natural language processing (NLP) algorithm that computes and extracts appropriate keywords, outperforming all current market solutions by 20-180 % in purchasing conversion rates for up to 75 % of the budget spent,” he notes. “However, Cobiro only worked via web shops, which was a limiting feature for the most important segment of the market – service SMEs across Europe.” AdAI has adapted, demonstrated and commercialised the Cobiro product for this completely new market sector. It added a client onboarding functionality throughout the platform that didn’t exist previously. The AdAI team has designed a new service module for the platform. With its highly developed NLP algorithm, the module enables the platform to extract keywords from simple websites/unstructured data. “We’re now able to offer our platform to all types of service companies across Europe,” says Ibsen.

Saving time, money while experiencing faster growth

The AdAI solution is a self-serving platform that asks users a few questions and sets up all advertising parameters on Google Ads. It crawls SMB websites to extract and enrich keywords, thus enabling these businesses to use the Cobiro platform. As a result, SMBs can successfully advertise online with minimal costs and high return on investment. Being able to present results to customers within seconds instead of waiting for several days is “a big win for SMBs,” he adds. As of May 2019, Cobiro serves customers from 189 countries thanks to the ability to generate campaigns in over 50 languages. AdAI has helped more than 30 000 SMBs in 151 countries to grow faster. The web app is available on the Cobiro website, and requires no previous experience to operate. Cobiro is expanding its offering to also cover deep indexing and advertising. This means that SMBs will be able to advertise subcategories and pages on their websites, leading to increased performance and lower average advertising costs due to greater efficiency. “Thanks to AdAI, Cobiro is one of Google’s largest channel sales partners in the world,” concludes Ibsen. “Our ultimate goal is to become the leading platform globally for serving Google Ads management for SMBs.”


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