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Geodetic Integrated Monitoring System


Dissemination plan

A draft Communication and Dissemination plan which will be elaborated in accordance with EC guidelines for “communicating Research and Innovation” and will specify key messages, target audiences and communication channels for an efficient design of dissemination activities.

Field trial plan

Detailed plan of of implementation of GIMS pilot tests, including information about field survey of unit locations (where are the most suitable locations for installation at the test site) and technical specification for installation.

Project handbook

Development of a project handbook to support partners and facilitate the solution of administrative issues

User requirements document

Document describing in detail the user requirements, including: description of state of the art for geological interpretation of GNSS, SAR and MEMS measurements, description of user requirements for each pilot area and description of user requirements for local processing tasks and validation.

Periodic administrative report

Delivery of the periodic administrative report, including administrative and financial control of the project, as well as risk management activities. Delivered on M12, updated on M24 and M36.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan will detail what data the project will generate, whether and how it will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved.

Field trial progress report

Report on the progress of field trial activities.

Periodic progress report

Delivery of the periodic progress report, including minutes of the project meetings, as well as the progress status of each WP. Delivered on M12, updated on M24 and M36.

Report on activity of Communication of Innovation

Report concerning the communication and dissemination activities done during the project, including: - Project Website; - Social network activity for the GIMS project (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, …); - Project branding (logo, payoff, logotype) and trademark registration - Updates about commercial brochures and leaflets; - Updates about articles and press releases on generalist and industry-specific magazines, newspapers, newsletters; - TV and/or radio interviews; - Scientific conferences attendance. Delivered on M12, Updated on M24, M36

Communication tools

Design and development of communication tools useful for communicating the project and the GIMS product / service. Example of tools: brochure, leaflets, newsletters,...

GIMS website

The GIMS website, containing all the relevant information about the project and the consortium, updated news about the activities and events.

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GIMS project: geodetic integrated monitoring system

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A Circular Polarization patch array developed for a Sentinel1 SAR Active Corner Reflector.

Author(s): G. Luzi, R. Ferré, F. Mira-Pérez
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GIMS project: development of a low-cost system based on Galileo, Sentinel InSAR and inertial measurement units to monitor ground deformations

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