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Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation


Translation Design

D 1.9 Translation Design: Design and technical specifications of an online translation process (R, PU, UCL, M12, Task 1.9)

OSP & Wrapper Design

D 1.6 OSP & Wrapper Design: Release of reference wrapper design and sample implementations on the public repository (OTHER, PU, FRAUNHOFER, M12, Task 1.6)

MarketPlace Design

D 1.3 MarketPlace Design: Architectural design concepts of the MarketPlace Platform integrating existing OSPs and modern technologies (M8). (R, PU, FRAUNHOFER, M8, Task 1.3)

Knowledge Services Design

D 1.8 Knowledge Services design (R, PU, ACCESS, M18, Task 1.8)

User Stories & Requirements

D 1.1 User Stories & requirements: Set of MarketPlace Personas, their User Stories and Requirements (R, PU, GCL, M8, Task 1.1)

Data Protection

D 1.2 Data protection and user management requirements (R, PU, DCS, M12, Task 1.2)

Software Solutions Service

D 3.1 Software solutions service: Information service on models, software solutions, and workflows available on the repository (M12) with continuous updates towards final release at M36. (OTHER, PU, ACCESS, M36, Task 3.1)

Dissemination Tools

D 6.1 Dissemination tools (public website, flyer, press release, social media, Wikipedia article, communication pack) (OTHER, PU, FRAUNHOFER, M4)

Education Services

D 3.4 Education services: first release on the repository at M18 and continuous updates (OTHER, PU, EPFL, M30, Task 3.4)

Validation System with Benchmark Services

D 2.4 Validation system with benchmarking facilities, initial release M24. (OTHER, PU, GRANTA, M36, Task 2.4)

Distributed Access to Databases Services

D 2.2 Distributed access to databases services: Gateway/registry for concerted access to distributed federated databases with RESTful and (direct) API. First release M12, continuous updates (OTHER, PU, EPFL, M28, Task 2.2)

CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA)

D 6.4 A CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) possibly with other projects of NMBP-25 (OTHER, PU, NTNU, M30)

IntOP Tools

D 1.5 Interoperability tools with EMMO based containers and serialisation with tutorials posted on the MarketPlace platform, initial release on the repository at M 6, continuous updates towards final release at M36 (OTHER, PU, OCEAN, M36, Task 1.5)

Workshop Proceedings - Interoperability and Marketplaces

D 6.3 Workshop proceedings: Workshop on interoperability and integrated materials modelling, Translation, and networking on marketplaces (OTHER, PU, EPFL, M24)

Distributed Databases

D 1.7 Distributed database Architecture design (R, PU, GRANTA, M12, Task 1.7)

Ontology & Tools

D 1.4 Agglomeration of all standards of the whole marketplace components developed at M6, ontology and tools: internal tools release at M8, public tools release at M24, MarketPlace ontology core release 1, M12, continuous updates. (OTHER, PU, NTNU, M24, Task 1.4)

Information on Communities

D 3.2 Information on communities: Searchable extendable database of experts and expertise including SMEs, Modellers, Translators, SWOs and characterisation experts, first version on the repository M18 with continuous updates. (OTHER, PU, FRAUNHOFER, M30, Task 3.2)

SSO Service

D 4.6 SSO service: Initial version M18 and continuous updates (OTHER, PU, OCEAN, M42, Task 4.6).

MarketPlace Tutorials

D 6.9 Collection of MarketPlace tutorials and educational materials with regular up-dates (OTHER, PU, UCL, M24, 36, 48, 58)

Data Management Plan (ORDP) and IPR Exploitation Strategy

D 6.2 Data management plan (ORDP) and IPR exploitation strategy (M6, first draft, M48 final); table with key exploitable results KER (first M12) with continuous updates to M60, table of contacts to end user communities and SWO (first M12) with continuous updates to M60 (ORDP, PU, ACCESS, M6, M12, M18, 26, 36, 48, 54, 60)

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AixViPMaP®—an Operational Platform for Microstructure Modeling Workflows

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Materials Cloud, a platform for open computational science

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AiiDAlab – an ecosystem for developing, executing, and sharing scientific workflows

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Entropy and Geometric Objects

Author(s): Georg J. Schmitz
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Quantitative Mereology: An Essay to Derive Physics Laws from a Philosophical Concept

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An ICME Process Chain for Diffusion Brazing of Alloy 247

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Entropy and Geometric Objects

Author(s): Georg Schmitz
Published in: Entropy, Issue 20/6, 2018, Page(s) 453, ISSN 1099-4300
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AiiDA 1.0, a scalable computational infrastructure for automated reproducible workflows and data provenance

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Cloud-Based ICME Software Training

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Promo - a Multi-disciplinary Process Modelling Suite

Author(s): Heinz A. Preisig
Published in: 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Issue 48, 2020, Page(s) 571-576
DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-12-823377-1.50096-3