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Scale-up of Prevention and Management of Alcohol Use Disorders and Comorbid Depression in Latin America


Mid term recruitment reportt

When half of the primary health care centers have been recruited to the study

SCALA training package

PHC training package, implementable across three municipalities.

Communication plan

Detailed Stakeholder Engagement, Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Plan

First study subject approvals package

Package includes final version of study protocol, study registration number, statements of approval by ethics committees in Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and one EU country, Spain informed consent forms, information forms for participants, and confirmation by the authorised Data Protection Officer of Maastricht University that handling of personal data and exchange between EU/Non-EU countries is correctly undertaken following EU and national laws.

SCALA Intervention package

Health system intervention for AUD and comorbid depression, scalable across three municipalities

SCALA protocol

Detailed protocol for full implementation and scale-up across three municipalities.

Municipal action plans

Report of municipal action plans to improve alcohol health literacy and prevent and manage AUDs in support of PHC-based SCALA package.

Data management and analysis plan

The Data Management plan will follow the structure of the Horizon 2020 FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) template, with headings on Data summary, FAIR Data, Making data findable, Making data openly accessible, Making data interoperable, Increase data re-use, Allocation of resources, and Data security. The Data Management Plan will, in addition include the data analysis plans.

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