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Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework


Innovation Management Plan

An innovation Management Plan will be prepared and reported. This delivery will describe the structure and the regularly practiced ways of running the related organisational activities will be released and updated. The task is associated with Task 1.6 (Innovation and IP Management). The Innovation Management Plan will be updated M02, M14, M26 and M38.

Project Management Plan

A report on Project Management Plan will be prepared. The project management plan will mainly consist of minutes of meeting and other information. The project management plan will be updated every year.

Report on AL enhancement and turbulence model

This deliverable related to the Task 2.3 in which LES park and turbulence model will be developed. State of the art models will be reviewed. The report will discuss on the implementation of improved turbulence and actuator line models

Kick-off meeting report

A Kick-off meeting report with all partners will take place in month of May/June 2018. The location of the meeting is not decided yet. The minutes of meeting will be prepared. A report describing the agenda, highlight and minutes of meeting will be prepared.

Dissemination and communication plan

The dissemination and communication plan will be the basis of the awareness creation strategy of UPWARDS. Updated during the project, it will contain a tailor-made strategy, key messages for selected audiences and procedures for publication, assistance to events, etc. (success indicators: see Table 7 in Part B for a list of quantified indicators that will need to be fulfilled to consider Task 8.1 successful in the end of the project). The plan will be updated in M06, M24 and M48

Data Management Plan

General guideline on the data management and handling will be defined in the Data Management Plan. It will take into account the requirements for data integration and processing of UPWARDS virtual wind turbine. The data management plan will be updated month 12, 18, 30 and 42.

Risk management plan

Risk management plan describing major risks in the project will prepared. In total five risk management plan in M6, M12, M18, M30 and M42 will be prepared.

Stakeholder engagement

A relevant public and stakeholder needs and opinion will be used as input for the specification of models to developed. A report on this will be published

UPWARDS website

This deliverable is a key tool for communication. It will contain the project details, with the objectives and a description of the consortium put forward. All public deliverables of the project will be uploaded and available to all project stakeholders. (success indicator: 5000 visits at least, in the end of the project) (Task 8.1)

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A simulation method for fatigue-driven delamination in layered structures involving non-negligible fracture process zones and arbitrarily shaped crack fronts

Author(s): L. Carreras, A. Turon, B.L.V. Bak, E. Lindgaard, J. Renart, F. Martin de la Escalera, Y. Essa
Published in: Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Issue 122, 2019, Page(s) 107-119, ISSN 1359-835X
DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2019.04.026