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Solar Heat for Industrial Process towards Food and Agro Industries Commitment in Renewables


Data Management Plan (DMP)

This deliverable is related to Task 1.1. Data Management Plan will set the basis for the Dissemination and exploitation but also the procedures for the sharing of data of the project. This is the first version to be revised during the course of the project.

Draft Dissemination and Communication Plan including project identity set, website, dissemination package

This deliverable corresponds to Tasks 9.1., 9.2. 9.3. and 9.4. This deliverable explains how the project will communicate its developments and outcomes, and how the consortium will ensure visibility of the project and dissemination of its results throughout its duration. The main outcomes will be a plan identifying a set of dissemination activities to be implemented and materials to be developed (leaflets, presentations at international conferences and workshops, scientific publications) and a general communication strategy to follow during the project lifetime.

Final version of Dissemination and Communication Plan

This deliverable corresponds to Tasks 9.1., 9.2., 9.3. and 9.4. It will include the updates of the dissemination and communication plan including the list of performed activities and specific showcases for each demo-site.

Use cases for the integration of solar heat in industrial processes identification and characterization

This deliverable corresponds to Task 2.1. This document will outline the most promising use cases identified according to the following criteria: attractiveness of the related business model (profitability, investment needs and funding opportunities), replication and market potential (cross-sectorial replication, number and size of EU companies, current sector status), environmental impacts (fossil fuels substitution, CO2 emissions avoided) and technical feasibility.

Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the integration of solar heating in industrial processes

This deliverable corresponds to Task 2.4. The deliverable D2.3 will include the definition of a set of relevant KPIs for describing the impacts that would derive from the implementation of solar plants at the demonstration sites. It will be realized accordingly to specific references to primary energy consumption, share of solar, GHG emissions and other pollutants, investment and operating costs for the new plants to be installed. A database of the set of relevant KPIs, prepared based on a market analysis, will be defined using available sources as well as a database of costs of the technologies (CAPEX and OPEX) for each main solar technology will be prepared based on a market analysis. A comparison with the EU-28 energy tariffs differentiated per country and energy vector (natural gas, electricity, oil derivate fuels, etc...) will be made to address cost benefit.

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SHIP2FAIR – Martini & Rossi: integration of Solar Heat in Industrial Process – Preliminary evaluation

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Publisher: SUPEHR19
DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911303018


Author(s): Thomas Bolognesi Alessandro Bortoletto Maurizio Fantino Stefano Barberis Francesco Peccianti Luca Castellino
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