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Report on (future) standardization activities of the IMS V1

This report includes a summary of the activities developed and outcome of task T10.2.

Vulnerability and resilience factors

This report includes de evaluation of dimensioning physical vulnerability factors and resilience factors for each demonstration site. Consequences evaluated with available databases, such as CARE on road accidents and accessible databases from Safeway stakeholders. Vulnerability projections will provide input into WP 5. Task 2.2.

Impact evaluation of man-made hazards on diverse infrastructure types

Report with the identification of physical vulnerability factors and their thresholds. The report must include the list of factors and qualitative/quantitative relevant thresholds. This report will be relevant for the impact assessment of the threats identified in Task 2.2.

Data Management Plan (DPM) V1

The DPM comprises the provision for making the project data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. It also includes the report of the Ethics mentor. This deliveable is the first version.

Dissemination and Communication Plan V1

It comprises objectives, toolkit and planned activities, identifying audiences and the key message that the consortium intends to deliver to meet the defined objectives The DCP will be revised and updated during the project duration.

Quality Assurance Plan

It will define the rules for preparing the deliverables and the ways of verification that will be implemented in the project before final internal validation and submission to the EC/Agency. This plan will be used by the Project Technical Committee (PTC) as guidelines to evaluate the content of the technical deliverables and to ensure the technical quality of the project outcomes.

Training plan V1

Report comprising the elaboration of suitable material for training and technology transfer and organization of the specific training activities.

GIS map and identification of hot spots of sudden extreme natural hazard events, including database with Impact and Return Periods.

Report with comprehensive review and evaluation of existing European and national databases on weather and natural hazards to establish the evidence base of dynamic risk maps of ‘hot spots’ of extreme weather conditions and related natural hazards. Identify and assess return periods of the predominant extreme weather conditions for the demonstration site regions.. Delivery to WP6 for implementation. Resulting from the Task 2.1.

Data acquisition report

Report about remote sensing platforms required for the multiscale data acquisition of inland transport networks. Resulted from Task 3.1.

Data Management Plan (DPM) V2

Second version of the Data Management Plan.

Emergency Management Plan

The Task 8.1 corresponds to the development of an effective Emergency Management Plan for linear infrastructures. This emergency plan will include specific short term actions taking into account not only hazardous natural events but also man-made events. In addition, this task will be based on the outcomes of previous tasks where the potential risks have been identified, monitored and quantified. Moreover, it is expected the participation of other stakeholders related to emergency events such as National Civil Protection Authorities (Spain and Portugal), Spanish Centre for Critical Infrastructures, and similar agencies in the UK, Italy and other countries.


The SAFEWAY Website will comprise a public site and a private members’ area as a tool to ease the collaboration between partners and to share information. To be updated every three months, and a private members’ area.


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