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An edible and biodegradable, ZERO SUGAR straw to accompany cold drinks or cocktails, preventing plastic residues.


SORBO MJV SL has developed a unique biodegradable, edible and flavored straw to substitute plastic straws, a residue which generates an important environmental and health impacts in life of population.

The original sugar sustainable straws do not modify the taste or color of the drink, as the constitutive material was developed from a genuine SORBOS formula with the right rigidity, durability and stability. However, the market is now demanding repeatedly a sugar-free option, representing a huge challenge as the formulation and the equipment required must be radically modified.

The plastic straw is useful only for a few minutes and often end up escaping into waterways. The production and distribution of plastic has a huge carbon footprint, which is exacerbated because so many plastic products are designed to be disposable and are destined for the landfill after just one use. However, tons of them reach the oceans where marine birds and wildlife become entangled, or choke on our plastic waste, or mistake it for food.

The edible straw from SORBOS could help reduce the amount of plastic in oceans and save millions of fish and other marine life preventing the introduction of toxins in the human food chain. It should be considered also post-drink snack and promptly a functional food when adding vitamins and nutrients.Sugar-free SORBOS will be the first healthy, edible and aromatized straw in the market, 100% biodegradable and respectful with the environment with personalization in terms of aroma, flavour, colour and size and using and innovative complex production process first in class.

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