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Bioenergy retrofits for Europe’s industry


Template for case studies

As a starting point for all case studies, BTG will lead the work on developing a template for the case studies (D3.1). The template will cover the sections project description, supply chain and market assessment, environmental and techno-economical assessment, following the methodology of feasibility studies. Participating partners: BTG, BE2020, VTT, CERTH, ESS, EPBiH, CIEMAT, DBFZ, TFMC Relation to the task: 3.1

Summary paper on retrofitting options

Options for retrofitting the energy industry with bioenergy in Europe will be presented in a summary paper for policy makers. The summary paper will show technical and non-technical information from the previous tasks, as well as highlight the opportunities, barriers and challenges in retrofitting. Participating partners: all partners Relation to tasks: 2.6, 2.1-2.5

Report on the legal, institutional, and political frameworks at national and European level

Framework conditions will be assessed in the participating BIOFIT countries and compared to each other. Main drivers and barriers will be identified and the main results will be summarised in a report. Participating partners: All partners Relation to task: 2.5

Best practice fact sheets

Concrete retrofitting best practice examples will be studied, using the experience of the project partners with actual retrofitting cases. Two cases per target industry (10 in total) will be elaborated. The best practice examples will be presented in dedicated factsheets. Participating partners: all partners Relation to task: 2.2

Announcement of the composition of the Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will be created at the beginning of the project in order to provide feedback to the methodology, recommendations, policy paper, surveys, etc. The IAB will be set-up with representatives of case study examples, but also from industries that will not be represented in BIOFIT by a case study. Participating partners: all partners Relation to the task: 4.1


website with project information (objective, partners, demo cases), news, links, etc. Participating partners: WIP, BTG Relation to the task: 6.1

Online industry retrofitting map

Data and locations of industrial facilities in Europe that have already been successfully retrofitted to include more bioenergy or to produce biofuels will be collected in a database and made publicly available via an online-map. Participating partners: all partners Relation to task: 2.1

Project poster and Roll-ups

A0 Project poster and/or roll-ups for conferences and other dissemination Participating partner: BTG Relation to the task: 6.2

Project flyer

Printed and electronic flyers in English and in national languages. Participating partners: WIP Relation to the task: 6.2

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Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry - The BIOFIT project (HORIZON2020)

Author(s): Reumerman, P.J., Vos, J., Rutz, D., Janssen, R., Bacovsky, D., Gröngröft, A., Saastamoinen, H., Karampinis, E., Ballesteros, M., Johansson, D., Kazagic, A., Wanders, M., Meeusen, M.J.G., Hull, A., Kiartzis, S.J., García Alonso, J.M.
Published in: Proceedings of the 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2019), Issue 27, Once every two year, 2019, Page(s) 1967 - 1972
DOI: 10.5071/27theubce2019-icv.1.25