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A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product Service Systems


Public web portal

Public site of the project accessible by all audiences for promoting the dissemination and communication activities

Multi-sided Marketplace User and Technical Requirements

A detailed description of the User and Technical Requirements

Reference Architecture and Platform Specifications

The reference architecture and platform specifications for the MARKET4.0 platform

Dissemination & communication activities - Initial version

Initial report presenting the detailed plan of dissemination & communication activities to be followed by the consortium

Call preparation documents

Guide for Applicants, Model Contract, Proposal Template, Call text, and evaluation plan for the call

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Tool-Path Problem in Direct Energy Deposition Metal-Additive Manufacturing: Sequence Strategy Generation

Author(s): Maialen Murua, Alfredo Suarez, Diego Galar, Roberto Santana
Published in: IEEE Access, Issue 8, 2020, Page(s) 91574-91585, ISSN 2169-3536
DOI: 10.1109/access.2020.2994748

Infrastructural Sovereignty over Agreement and Transaction Data (‘Metadata’) in an Open Network-Model for Multilateral Sharing of Sensitive Data

Author(s): Harrie Bastiaansen, Simon Dalmolen, Maarten Kollenstart, Matthijs Punter
Published in: 2019

Maintaining control over sensitive data in the Physical Internet: Towards an open, service oriented, network-model for infrastructural data sovereignty

Author(s): Simon Dalmolen, Harry Bastiaansen, Evelyn Somers, S. Djafari, Maarten Kollenstart, Matthijs Punter
Published in: 2019

Adaptation of a Branching Algorithm to Solve Discrete Optimization Problems.

Author(s): Maialen Muru, Diego Galar, Roberto Santana
Published in: Operations Research Proceedings 2019, 2020